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Meet mankai the

Super tiny, mighty green.

Meet Mankai ®

Mankai is a tiny supergreen that’s ready to revolutionize how you think about greens. This teeny, tiny vegetable (1/64 of an inch in fact) delivers a nutritional punch with Vitamin B 12, iron, folate, choline and is a complete plant protein. With its tiny size and neutral taste and texture it is easy to add to any dish for an instant nutrition upgrade

Backed By Science

Mankai has been shown in scientific studies to provide a wealth of health benefits. Adding Mankai to the Mediterranean Diet (named by US World & Report 2021 best diet) coined the New Green Mediterranean Diet. Participants saw even better results in their wellness goals including more efficient weight loss and improved heart and liver health.

This mighty green has been correlated (1, 2) with:

– Decreased cholesterol

– Lower blood pressure

– Improved regulation of insulin and sugar levels

The benefits

Per 85g (3 cubes) of Mankai

15% of DV. Typically found from animal sources

45% DV, equivalent to 12 oz of sirloin steak or 8 cups of raw Spinach

All 9 amino acids, 5g equivalent to 1 egg

60% DV of Folate, equivalent to 1 cup of beets or 12 asparagus

220 mg, 56% more than broccoli

25% DV, the same as 1 cup of cooked quinoa

14% DV, equivalent to 1 avocado

10 times more per gram than spirulina

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What all the hype is about

Don't take it from us, hear what Mankai users everywhere love.

“Excellent product. I wish I had discovered this years ago. As someone who researches health products and only uses that which has clinically validated benefit, I’d recommend this to everyone. If you’re making smoothies and looking for maximum health benefits Mankai is a must. It tastes fantastic and the nutrients are superb.”

Lindy S.
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The facts

The Study

The Study Researchers at the University of the Negev in Israel randomly assigned individuals with abdominal obesity/dyslipidemia (1:1:1) into three diet groups: healthy dietary guidance, Mediterranean diet, and “green” Mediterranean diet (+green tea and 100g of Mankai/day), all combined with physical activity.

The Findings

The researchers found the “green” Mediterranean diet achieved a 15% higher weight loss than the regular Mediterranean diet (13.6 pounds vs. 12 pounds), and a substantially greater reduction in waist circumference, 26% higher than the regular Mediterranean diet (3.5 inches vs. 2.7 inches)

Why It Matters

Mankai has a neutral taste and mixes into nearly any recipe — meaning that a simple addition of a few frozen cubes of Mankai can make a substantial impact without a lot of effort.

That's Not All

Mankai is densely nutritious — packed with highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and the only known plant source of vitamin B12 in the world. It’s not a new fad food, it’s an ancient supergreen that’s now widely available for the first time.

The options are endless.

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But what about the taste

Great question. It’s neutral – like romaine or lettuce delivered in a teeny, tiny package, which makes it an easy addition to smoothies, dips, dressings, sauces, breads, soups and more. The light texture (did we tell you it’s a tiny leaf?) and neutral taste makes it an easy stir in to any dish.

Simply add it to:





Dips and Sauces

Yogurts or Oatmeal

Earth-friendly ideals come true

Where our food comes from and its footprint on the earth matter. Mankai is sustainably grown using natural, safe and economical techniques that are more water-efficient than dairy, animal or other plant-based proteins. There are no genetic modifiers, herbicides, pesticides or questionable animal welfare practices on our farms. Just 100% plant-based food that you can feel 100% great about adding to your diet for an extra health boost while being easy on the planet.

Be a part of our plant-based revolution